Andrea D’Antrassi

Architect, Associate Partner

MAD Architects

Andrea D’Antrassi

Andrea D’Antrassi joined MAD in 2010 adding a valuable global vision to the company. His prior work for Fuksas Architects between Rome and Shenzhen as Project Architect gave him international base and significant projects like The Shenzhen Bao’an international Airport New Terminal 3 and The Armani 5th Avenue New York.

As a Associate Partner at MAD, the Italian architect serves as a link between the firm and Europe, and leading projects in Italy and Paris after serving as their bridge with China.

D’Antrassi has been involved with Boncompagni Residential Development in Rome Italy, Huangshan Mountain Village Development, Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, and recent Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. D'Andrassi is part of the design team working on the UNIC residential building in Paris. The project is creative and unique with his a double core structure clad with a raw concrete façade emerges from podium.

Based in Bejing, Los Angeles, and New York, MAD is highly appreciated for its designs which combine organic forms, often inspired by nature, and technically-innovative solutions, particularly in the creative the use of materials such as stainless steel (China Wood Museum) and polished aluminum (Ordos Museum).

In 2014, MAD was selected to design the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago, thus becoming the first Chinese architectural firm to create a major cultural building overseas.

Photo credits: Doublespace photography; Hufton Crow; Аdam Mork