Miron Mutyaba

Senior Designer

Zaha Hadid Architects

Miron Mutyaba

Miron studied architecture at University of Brighton and BUT Brno where he graduated in 2008. 

For almost decade and half his interest lies in application of parametric design. He specialises in developing new computational techniques in the design and rationalization of complex facades.

He has worked in ZHA for over seven years and has been involved in major projects as Signature Towers Dubai, Jockey Club Innovation Tower Hong Kong and notably Morpheus Hotel Macau.

Morpheus is the world's first high-rise building with a free-form exoskeleton including 12.000 m2 of free-form aluminium cladding.  He was responsible for the computational development of Morpheus’s façade, especially design and rationalization of the exoskeleton aluminium cladding.

He continues working on innovative architectural projects with emphasis on the use of technology to manage complexity, increase efficiency and to facilitate coordination between bold design and innovative architecture.