Co-founder, Structural engineer

Define Engineers


Vlad is a specialist chartered structural engineer and co-founder of Define Engineers. He is regarded as one of the key innovators in the special structures field and has designed and delivered a number of award-winning projects world-wide. Vlad enjoys collaborating on highly challenging briefs which involve first principle thinking combined with rigorous analytical approach.

Educated and operating out of London, Vlad has worked for a number of household names in the building engineering industry before setting up Define Engineers with his colleague Andrey in London. Vlad is currently an honorary lecturer at Imperial College London and teaches digital design to civil engineering students.

 In its reasonably short history Define Engineers has become one of the best regarded boutique engineering companies in Europe, working only on complex and high-profile projects all over the world. From the projects that Vlad will show it becomes evident that a highly skilled computational approach combined with experience in design and construction can lead to a great value being added for clients and society alike.